How it all got started

The Active-Duty Entrepreneur Concept

In 2012, our founder, Jason C. Anderson and his wife were driving back to Springfield on I-95 after a weekend getaway. Like others, he had fives years left before retirement and started thinking about the life beyond. They wanted to move the family to Jackson, Wyoming, (his hometown) to help take care of his aging father but were discouraged when he checked and found the only federal government jobs available were for forest rangers. Not a bad line or work but there had to be a better way...or at least another option!

Thinking Differently

Without options and conditioned to think employment was the only option, Jason and his wife began to think differently. They began the painstaking journey to figure out how to build a small business on their own. After nearly three years of trial and error, they launched their first business While undergoing that journey, Jason captured their experiences in his book Active-Duty Entrepreneur, which published in 2013.

The Military Ecosystem

Throughout the journey, the greatest lesson learned was that military members and spouses have the best system in the world to take the steps to building a small business. The military ecosystem provides a (very) stable job, pay, healthcare, and career timeline. With those factors taken care of, you can use that ecosystem to begin planning and developing your own small business with exceptionally low risk.

Feedback from the Book

After the book published in 2013, Jason began getting feedback from readers and followers. They loved the book and understood the concept but wanted more definitive guidance on how to get started. You can see some of the feedback on theseĀ Amazon reviews.


The final piece to the puzzle fell into place after attending the 2014 TechStars Patriot Boot Camp in New York City. Driving home with his family in the car, he and Adrianna began discussing renaming Active-Duty Entrepreneur because the name was too restrictive. It (obviously) only applied to active-duty members. Since nearly all effort and money (by the U.S. Government and otherwise) focus on supporting Veteran entrepreneurship, Jason wanted to focus on helping the PreVeterans by having them take advantage of the Active-Duty Entrepreneur "Military Ecosystem" and the new modules he created. Together, they can help unlock the oceans of potential entrepreneur energy that exist in the Department of Defense.

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