Active-Duty Entrepreneur

Read Lt Col Anderson’s book and you will be inspired to plan for your next adventure in business today! Jason’s experiences enroute to his own entrepreneurial success are a great example for everyone, from civilian GS to enlisted to junior and, yes, senior officers.
Lyn SherlockBrig Gen, USAF (ret)

"Active-Duty Entrepreneur" is a personal entrepreneurial story written by Jason C. Anderson, an (almost) retired USAF Lt Col who worked at the Pentagon from 2009-2014. Unbeknownst to Jason at the time, the book's concept was born driving on I-95 back to Alexandria, VA, from Fredericksburg in 2011 when he and his wife, Adrianna, began discussing life after retirement. With no (go-to) Federal jobs available in Jackson, Wyoming (Jason's hometown), he proclaimed, "We are going to start a small business" to which she quickly rebutted, " the concept but why now? We are busy enough and have two kids under 5!" Jason had to do some quick thinking. After a few moments of awkward silence, he said, "Well, I have a stable job, stable pay, healthcare, and I know when I am going to retire. We have all the planning factors; this is the best time to start a small business." She agreed.

The Active-Duty Entrepreneur concept was born and the book was published a year later (2013) to help fellow military members consider small business startup using the same common sense model.

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